The most comprehensive and free sources


The most comprehensive and free sources.


The most comprehensive and free sources

Can your customers find you?

The Christmas holidays are upon us. It’s time for shopping and relaxation. Commercial activities are in full swing. Advertisements flood TV, newspapers, and radio with a ton of last-minute promotions.

Geomarketing Market Research

Today we are going to show you some real examples on one of the most advanced functionalities of Scribble Maps: Nearby Search. Any time you have to travel to a new city, you would like to know in a short time, which could be the best area to choose your Hotel, B&B or farmhouse for example.

Maps from statistical data

Access to weather information has increased enormously. Anyone with a smartphone has an app to check weather forecasts for at any given moment. On a daily basis, we are flooded with information on the internet, TV, and radio about climatic events such as:

Make Thematic Maps Quickly

Assume that for some reason you need to create some worldwide thematic maps. The maps should contain the national borders, main cities, main communication routes, rivers and lakes. Let us suppose you have a short time to finish the job and you have absolutely nothing at all in your archive.

Learn how to create your own custom web maps

Since Google Maps released the API in 2005 Web maps became popular after giving web developers an easy way to drop custom apps in their sites with a minimal amount of new code.


The most comprehensive and free sources